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Our Mission

To provide excellent service to our clients
by providing highly trained and motivated
security personnel.  An open line of communication
among our clients and staff is essential in
providing quality security service.

We at ESGI believe in providing service to clients with excellence, guardianship, integrity and service.  Esgi Security is a Fall River Massachusetts based company with over fifty five years of experience. We provide service in all of Massachusetts and are in the process of providing service in Rhode Island.

We ask that you browse through our web site and learn a little more about our company in our about us page.

Hiring a security company that will provide an exceptional service, and well trained individuals, is a top priority when it comes to protecting you and your property.  Here at ESGI, we believe that if a security company is under-cutting the competition, they are likely under paying their employees.

Paying the guard as well as possible is important if you want them to take your business seriously.  A single negative incident could cost a lot more to you than what your saving by paying an under-cutting company that is protecting your business.

Private security guards, also known as security officers, have become increasingly important in our society.  The security industry is one of the fastest growing  in the country.  Security guards protect their clients investment, enforce rules and laws on the property and deter criminal activity or other problems.

There are three things to consider when hiring a security company: 1) What needs to be protected, 2) What level of protection is desired, and 3) who is going to do the protecting.

The first step is to determine what needs to be protected and what the guards responsibilities will include.  Security guards can be posted at stationary locations to control entrances and check people entering and leaving the property, control crowds, give directions, accept packages, and discourage misbehavior.  Guards also patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity.

Security guards can be armed or unarmed, in uniform or plainclothes, posted thousands of miles away viewing video cameras that are a part of an interactive system.  What is the level of security needed and what is the budget required to achieve that level?

The Advantage of using a security agency is that the company is bonded, background checks have been made, a certain amount of training has been completed, and the guard can be terminated easily as he works for the agency.

ESGI continuously adapts to the changing times and informs all our clients about what their potential risks are and how they can fix them.

ESGI believes that all guards should become closely acquainted with the property they are protecting and the people associated with it.  All security officers must show good judgment and common sense, follow directions and directives form supervisors, accurately testify in court, and follow company guidelines.  Guards should have a professional appearance and attitude and be able to interact with the public.  They must also be able to interact with the public.  They also must be able to take charge and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous incidents.

If you are not familiar with our company and your first contact with us is online: We would be pleased to hear from you! Please let us know what your needs and questions are, we will be more than happy to help.

Or staff consists of loss prevention specialists, constables, commercial and industrial security, corporate security, armed and unarmed guards, mobile patrols, anti movie piracy protection, executive security, private body guards, security consultants, CORI and complete background checks, special operations and 24 hour emergency service.

We provide a free site survey and extensively research what your needs are.  Our goal is to ensure that you and your business are protected and presented, in the most professional and safe manner.

What you do to protect yourself and your business, might just make your company so much more appealing.

Thank you for visiting our site and please feel free to look around.  ESGI wishes you a great and peaceful day.

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