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Although all security guards have many of the same responibilities, specific duties vary based on whether the guard works in a stationary security position or on a mobile patrol.

ESGI Security believes that specific job responsibilities also vary with the size, type, and location.  Our employees are trained specifically to the type of security they are performing.  In a department store, we train our employees to protect people, records, merchandise, money, and equipment.  They also learn how to work with undercover store detectives to prevent theft by customers or store employees.  They are trained to assist in the apprehension of shoplifters prior to police arrival.

We believe that armed guards should only be used in situations requiring protection of money, jewelry, art works, firearms, or other objects, which might attract armed robbers.  They are also trained to protect money which is exposed to the public by making frequent safe drop, keeping cash registers drawers shut whenever possible, and enforcing rigid money-handling procedures.  Other valuables should be physically secured, if possible, before exposing them to the public.

It is generally not a good idea for retail establishments to employ armed guards in public areas.  If someone is intent on robbing a retail business, there is no way to tell who that person might be and the guard with the gun becomes the first target.  An unarmed guard will deter thieves just as well without becoming a source or cause of violence in the event of a holdup.

An armed guard would be appropriate in a non-public area since access is restricted and any strangers or other unauthorized persons could be quickly turned away, subdued or arrested.

Our armed guards receive formal training such as weapons retention and laws covering the use of force.  They are also required to complete an Annual 8 Hour Firearms Training course.  This includes three hours of classroom refresher on the use of force followed by a written examination, and five hours of weapons qualification which includes a proficiency examination.

These agents are trained that their service is essential for stopping shoplifters.  You have to either catch them or force them out of your store.  They are trained in reading people and behaviors in order to differentiate between regular customers and (potential) thieves.  Experienced shoplifters, at least the ones who are more cautious, can be deterred by the presence of a plain-clothes agent.  Casually following the person is usually effective.

Here at ESGI Security, we stand by training all employees before we employ them and put them out on the field.  All potential applicants before hire, go through the following procedures: They must pass a background check and drug test, complete classroom training in such subjects as property rights, emergency procedures, detention of suspected criminals and a first aid/CPR course.

All our employees receive a 16 Hour Training Course.  This training program is relevant to the employees duties, requirements of the work site and the needs of the client.  We conduct this training in an approved classroom setting, which is conductive to learning.

All our employees are also required to attend an 8 hour annual In-Service course.  This training must be completed each calender year.  This program is designed to meet current training needs and refresh or update employees in changes in the security field.

An open line of communication among our clients and employees, is essential in providing quality security service.  Our administrative staff contact and visit all clients at a minimum of twice per month or upon a client's request.

Our superior officers are assigned to certain areas.  This allows them to spot-check our guards to verify their performance, promptness, and to confirm that the proper dress code is in full effect.

One method of communicational services which ESGI provides, is a dispatching service.  This service relays all messages to the superior officer in the area.  This is effective in handling any crisis and emergency that may arise allowing the client or security guard to have contact with our office personnel within minutes.

ESGI requires that all guards submit Officers Reports, Incident Reports and Daily Reports to our office at the end of their scheduled shift.  Our clients are offered the same courtesy at their request.

We have also introduced a new concept to our clients.  Along with the service we provide, we constantly look for ways to improve or service.  We ask our clients to complete a security performance assessment survey.  This helps our staff in addressing concerns and provide better service immediately.